Some pictures of Antonio's trip in Singapore

Here are the full results of Antonio Carabillo in the International Open of Singapore.
Groupe stage: 2-1 vs Peter Ooi
Groupe stage: 10-0 vs Muhd Firdaus Sukaimi
Last 16: 4-1 vs Mohd Faruq
Last 8: 4-2 vs Henry Peh
Semi-final: 1-0 vs Tan Kok Wee
Final: 1-2 vs John Ho
Here are some great pictures.


Another international match

On June 15, Andrea Gasparini had a short visit in Hong Kong as he was stopping there for a few hours on his way to Taipei. The American player, who recently won the grand prix of Argentina, visited Antonio Carabillo and both guys had a game together. There was no winner as the game ended on 1-1.

A final for Antonio Carabillo in Singapore

Antonio Carabillo took part in the Singapore International Open last week-end. Despite he had good chances to win the title, he lost in the final and took an excellent second place. "Tension can lead you to mistakes. Anyway, it was a nice competion, as usual. We enjoyed ourselves and had a good fun. This is the way it is supposed to be. Real games, pure fun", commented Antonio.

Some pictures of the tournament will be added as soon as we get them from the organizers!


Hong Kong players in the world rankings

In the new FISTF world rankings, Antonio Carabillo is 237th and Marco Todini is 1005th.