Antonio did it!

It was his 4th time in Singapore for the Merlion Cup but this time, Antonio Carabillo managed to win the FISTF Open of Singapore for the very first time. Antonio becomes the first Hong Kong player to win such a tournament counting for the world ranking. The Merlion Cup was really an international tournament this year with players from Belgium and Japan making the trip to Singapore. Antonio's performance was simply amazing as he managed to beat all local top players. Well done! Hopefully this performance will boost the interest for subbuteo table football in Hong Kong!


Hong Kong players in the world rankings

In the FISTF rankings of November 2012, Antonio Carabillo is 92nd in the Open category and 187th in the veterans section.


Subbuteo TV ad from Italy

Well done subbuteo for launching this TV ad for the italian market and good luck! Buffon, the famous goalkeeper of the italian football team, is part of the show!


Hong Kong players in the world rankings

In the WASPA ranking of October 2012, Antonio Carabillois now 65th while Stephen peaker is 120th.
Antonio is also 85th in the FISTF Open ranking and 189th in the veterans ranking.


Antonio takes the third place in Yokohama

Andrea Gasparini (USA), Cédric Garnier (France) and Antonio Carabillo (Hong Kong) on the podium
 Antonio Carabillo attended the Open of Yokohama last week-end. It was not a surprise but the four foreign players came on top of the tournament as Cédric Garnier (France) beat Andrea Gasparini (USA) in the final and Antonio beat Stéphane Lambert (Belgium) in the final for the third place. Well done!


Hong Kong players in the world rankings

In the FISTF rankings of September 2012, Antonio Carabillo is 102nd in the Open category and 123rd in the veterans. Antonio is also 54th in the WASPA ranking while Stephen Peaker is 96th.


Hong Kong players in the world rankings

In the FISTF World ranking of August 2012, Antonio Carabillo is 105th in the Open category and 123rd in the veterans section. Antonio is also 40th in the WASPA ranking of August. Stephen Peaker is 78th.


Congratulations Sarah Lee!

Congratulations to Sarah Lee Wai-Sze for winning the bronze medal at the London Olympics in the women's keirin. Sarah Lee Wai-Sze was the happiest rider on the podium. Her bronze medal feat handed Hong Kong their first ever Olympic medal in a cycling event, and only their third overall. Hong Kong athletes had previously won one gold from windsurfing in 1996 and one Olympic silver medal from table tennis. Well done!


Hong Kong players in the world ranking

In the FISTF open ranking of July 2012, Antonio Carabillo is now 101st. Antonio is also 121st in the veterans ranking.


Hong Kong players in the world rankings

In the Open section of the FISTF ranking of June 2012, Antonio Carabillo is now 97th. Antonio is also 120th in the veterans section.


Hong Kong players in the WASPA ranking

In the WASPA ranking of June, Antonio Carabillo is now 34th while Stephen Peaker is 67th. Hong Kong is now 10th in the WASPA ranking of nations with 26 points. The top 3 nations are Malta (167), Belgium (154) and Singapore (144).


www.subbuteo.com is online

Our friends from SUBBUTEO have officially launched their website at http://en.subbuteo.com/

There are tips for new players, a list of available products and even the list of retailers. The game is currently available in Portugal, the UK, Spain, Italy, Singapore and Australia. Many more nations should have distributors soon.

Hopefully this will help to get a lot of new players interested in the beautiful game.


Antonio takes the 4th place in Singapore

The Singapore Satellite, a tournament counting for the FISTF circuit, took place last week-end and 24 players were competing in a nice sports hall. Antonio Carabillo was the only foreign player taking part. Being 87th in the world ranking, Antonio was the top seed of the tournament. In the group stage, he easily beat Soh Wee Lik (2-1) and Mohd Rizal (2-0) to finish on top of the group. In the last 16 round, it was another victory against Mohd Azhar (3-0). In the quarter-final, Antonio was in great shape and beat Noor Haikal (5-0). Int he semi-final, it was something very different as Antonio lost to Den Mulia (3-0). Den Mulia is know as one of the best Singapore player, maybe the best player for the moment. Den Mulia later won the final against Rudy Hesty (2-0). In the final for the third place, Antonio lost to John Ho (0-2). Finishing in the top 4 of such a big tournament is still a great satisfaction for the best Hong Kong player. 


Hong Kong players in the world rankings

In the FISTF world rankings of May 2012, Antonio Carabillo is now 84th while Marco Todini is 1054th in the Open category.


A big change for the WASPA circuit

There were a lot of comments in the last few days about the possible change to have WASPA tournaments with only three players instead of four. A mail has been sent to several tournaments organizers and players and, apart from two people who didn't really know if a change like this would be a good thing, everyone gave support. The idea is not to lower the standards of organisation but just to help smaller associations and isolated groups of players. In countries such as Australia, Canada or the US, it's difficult to get players together for a tournament because of the long distances between cities. Also, in the last few months some tournaments were held with only three players. Despite of the efforts made by the local organizers to have something great, the tournaments could not count for the WASPA ranking and archives. Hopefully the change will motivate more clubs and players to organize tournaments under WASPA banner. The idea is to have more nations involved in the near future. The decision is therefore taken with immediate effect.

For more details about the WASPA circuit, take a look at http://waspa-circuit.blogspot.com/ 


Hong Kong players in the different international rankings

In the FISTF Open ranking of April 2012, Antonio Carabillo is 87th while Marco Todini is 1070th. 1170 players are in the table.
The WASPA ranking of April has also been relased. Antonio Carabillo is now 30th while Stephan Peaker is 61st.

Hong Kong is ranked in 10th position in the WASPA ranking of nations.


Inaugural Hong Kong WASPA tournament

There was a lot of action and excitment in Hong Kong on sunday as the very first WASPA tournament took place between four very motivated players. The games were closely fought affairs, accompanied with a fair share of goals. In a group stage of four players, almost every competitor had a chance to win. Playing in a totally new and unfamiliar ground, Kok Wee, ironically, winning away from home... managed to top of the group with two wins and a draw, thus winning the tournament. His very first, in fact, since his push for the game in the region. Antonio, playing at home, but slipping up occasionally, came as seconnd, with John, not having time and some luck on his side, came in 3rd. The pack was followed by Stephan, whom is relatively new to the modern play of the game, completed the group at 4th. Overall, every player put in fine performances, with quite a few good goals and completed successfully the inaugural Hong Kong WASPA Tournament! The final ranking: 1. Tan Kok Wee (Singapore - Singpore Lions SC) ; 2. Antonio Carabillo (Hong Kong - Dragons SC) ; 3. John Ho (Singapore - Woodlands SC) ; 4. Stephan Peaker (Hong Kong - Dragons SC)


A first tournament in Hong Kong

There are some excellent news coming up from Hong Kong. There will be the very first tournament in the country on sunday, April 29 as four players will meet for a great time of flicking football. Local players Antonio Carabillo and Stephen Peaker will meet Tan Kok Wee and John Ho from Singapore! Results will be announced early next week! Contact: Antonio Carabillo at pacway@netvigator.com


Antonio in the top 100

In the FISTF world ranking of march 2012, Antonio Carabillo is now 88th and Marco Todini is 1065. Antonio has really improved his ranking after is final in the Open of Yokohama in Japan.


Subbuteo is available again in the UK

Today is the official launch day for the new subbuteo range at the famous store Hamleys in London. The official launch of the iconic sports game takes place at 10.30 on the 5th floor with four top England under 12 table football players demonstrating the beautiful game!

Subbuteo is also available now in UK stores nationwide including Toys R Us, John Lewis (Oxford Street in London), selected Waterstones and Toymaster branches...


Andrea Gasparini's visit in Hong Kong

In the beginning of the month, Andrea Gasparini, the US player from SC Connecticut, paid a visit to Antonio Carabillo in Honk Gong. Both players had a lot of great games and the American proved to be in great shape. On March 3, the games ended on 1-1 and 4-0 in favor of Andrea. On March 11, scores were 1-1, 3-2, 1-0, 1-1, 4-0, 1-0, 2-2, which means 4 victories for Andrea and 3 draws.

More on the SC Connecticut's website at http://www.sc-connecticut.com/AndreaHK2012.html


Another final for Antonio

The club of Yokohama organized the very first FISTF International Open of Yokohama on March 18. Six local players but also Andrea Gasparini (USA) and Antonio Carabillo (Subbuteo Club Dragons Honk Kong) took part. Antonio came on top of his group after beating Makoto Ito (3-0), Kuninori Sano (7-0) and Yasuhiro Suzuki (5-0). In the semi-final, Antonio beat Kenzo Koi (5-0) but in the final, it was a much closer game and Andrea Gasparini took the honors after a short win (1-0). Well done to Antonio for taking part in so many tournaments and for promoting Hong Kong on the international subbuteo circuit.
Andrea (left) and Antonio (pink jersey) during the big final


Hong Kong players in the world rankings

In the FISTF world ranking of February 2012:
120 CARABILLO Antonio 137,18
1078 TODINI Marco 1,88


Hong Kong players in the world rankings

In the FISTF world ranking of January 2012, Antonio Carabillo is now 117th and Marco Todini is 1091th.