Antonio finalist in Japan

Antonio Carabillo attended the FISTF Open of Japan in Yokpohama this week-end and reached the final. He lost to Cédric Garnier, a french player living in Japan for six months, in the decisive game. There was a good field of Japanese players but also John Ho from Singapore. Well done Antonio.
The event was covered by several international medias, including TV Asahi and AFP. See link.
A game against Japan's Kenzo Koi

The podium with Kenzo Koi, John Ho, Cédric Garnier and Antonio Carabillo


Hong Kong players in the world rankings

In the FISTF World rankings of March 2013, Antonio Carabillo is 93rd in the Open section and 187th in the veterans section.

In the WASPA ranking of March 2013, Antonio Carabillo is 93rd while Stephan Peaker is 276th.

Hong Kong is 20th (out of 31 nations) in the ranking of nations.