Another final for Antonio

The club of Yokohama organized the very first FISTF International Open of Yokohama on March 18. Six local players but also Andrea Gasparini (USA) and Antonio Carabillo (Subbuteo Club Dragons Honk Kong) took part. Antonio came on top of his group after beating Makoto Ito (3-0), Kuninori Sano (7-0) and Yasuhiro Suzuki (5-0). In the semi-final, Antonio beat Kenzo Koi (5-0) but in the final, it was a much closer game and Andrea Gasparini took the honors after a short win (1-0). Well done to Antonio for taking part in so many tournaments and for promoting Hong Kong on the international subbuteo circuit.
Andrea (left) and Antonio (pink jersey) during the big final

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