The Hong Kong Dragons club is up and running

The Hong Kong Dragons Subbuteo Club is now up and running. The club officially has only 2 players for the moment but hopefully more and more interest will be created in the next few months. Antonio Carabillo from Italy and local player Yuki Chong are the two members of the HKDSC. For any information about the club, feel free to contact Antonio Carabillo at pacway@netvigator.com


  1. Great to know that there's a Subbuteo club in HOng Kong. Due to my job I use to go to HK 5 or 6 times per year. In my next trip I'll save some time to play there! See you there, guys!
    Jose from Madrid

  2. Hi Antonio!

    Great news! Glad that you have finally found an 'opponent' in Hong Kong. Hope all goes well and you can get more players. Great Job!! Well done!!

    Hmmm.. maybe the boh f you can come join in our next Tournament set to happen in November 2009